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My LinkedIn Posts Had 20,712 Impressions: Here's What I Did.

My LinkedIn Posts Had 20,712 Impressions: Here's What I Did.

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·Oct 11, 2022·

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In September 2022, my LinkedIn posts had 20,712 impressions.

That's an increase of over 200%.

Here are the templates I used. Steal them and get the same result.

  • Lists.

Structure: Beneficial Tools, Strategies and Resources for your Readers.

Example: 7 Mistakes to Avoid when charging for your services as a Content Writer.

  • Achievements.

Structure: Here's something impressive I've done.

Example: I just made $1000 freelancing. Here's my secret.

  • Name Dropping.

Structure: Name a famous person or brand and lean into their process.

Example: Figma was acquired for $20 billion. Here are lessons every startup owner must learn.

  • Stories.

Structure: A general achievement and lessons one can learn.

Example: Google just released a new SEO update. Here's what to do if you're in SEO.

  • Give me, I'll give you.

Structure: Expose your readers to something after allowing them to give you something.

Example: Give me 5 minutes and I'll tell you how to lose weight this month.


When writing your next content, make sure you use at least one of them in your opening line.

Remember, attention is costly.

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