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Making Money Online is a Scam.

Making Money Online is a Scam.

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Emmanuel Nwaka
·Oct 6, 2022·

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Allow me prove this to you.

Let us take the example of two individuals who set out to make money online.

We’ll call them James and Victor.

On a fateful day, James is browsing the internet. But a pop-up ad catches his attention which reads…


James clicks on this ad and it redirects him to a sales page. This sales page contains a video selling this ‘business model’ which he faithfully watches and proceeds to buy whatever product is sold.

He’s excited and pumped up for action.

Then he begins to spend about two hours a day on his computer to study and grow his business.

He sets up a blog and starts writing articles to get traffic. As this is happening, he also learns what an email autoresponder is.

As the blog is gaining attention, he starts to mess around with affiliate marketing. At this stage, James’ friends and family assume he is dumb for purchasing the product.

They don’t even think it will amount to too much but they give him space and observe.

As the ridicule comes in, James is more determined to make money from his online ventures.

‘I am going to show them!’ He thinks.

So, he keeps being focused on his business.

After a while, James starts to feel overwhelmed.

There is so much to learn and do. He has to figure out the right way to set up a WordPress blog. He also has to set up an email autoresponder. He also needs to set up a File Transfer Protocol.

Then he has to figure out traffic sources like Pay-per-click, Cost per average, Pay per view, newsletters, content creation, Search Engine Optimization, video editing, sales funnels…

After spending hours on his computer every day trying to figure things out and still not getting any results, his friends and family are beginning to get concerned that he has been scammed.

After two months, James still hasn’t made any money and he begins to think that his family and friends were right after all.

There’s a ton of work to do and James begins to feel out of place. Then he says to himself, ‘Maybe I should find something else that is a bit EASIER.’

So he decides that he wants to upload YouTube videos talking about Crypto, build an email list, sell a product to that list, and nothing more.

He wakes up at 8:30 AM.

He yawns deeply and goes back to sleep.

There is no need to hurry, I will start after breakfast, He thinks.

He gets up at midday, crawls over to his computer, and begins to search for an affiliate offer on this new subject — Crypto.

He signs up on an email marketing software with a free plan that allows affiliate offers, makes some half-hearted videos on Crypto and begins to upload.

The dopamine hits him again. He’s OVER excited and sets a goal to make $10,000 a month.

Then, he sticks up an opt-in page. After four days, he has five subscribers to his email list. He broadcasts a half-hearted offer to them and no one buys it.

DAMN! He says.

And then goes back to Google to find another method to make money.

The only mistake is that if James knew what was involved in the first place, he would never have signed up for his initial offer.

Six months later, James is furious, frustrated, and feels like a failure. He has lost both time and money and is ready to give up.

Then he hears about an opportunity to make money online ‘without selling anything’ and eager to give his best, he tries again.

Then he fails woefully, cause despite the promises on the sales page he couldn’t earn as much.

James repeats this on and off for years, and nothing significant happens all through that time.

Then he finally quits and becomes your regular ‘Making Money Online is a Scam’ person.

Maybe your case is not as bad as James but most people are not far off.

Now here is Victor. Victor has the mindset of most mentors you look up to online who has made millions of dollars in sales.

Victor chooses one niche — YOUTUBE and focuses on making Comedy videos.

First, he researches everyone making comedy videos online. He begins to identify what makes people laugh and what turns people off.

Then he creates a few good videos, putting a lot of attention on them.

Let’s see how people will react, He says.

Notice that he is not at all bothered with monetization yet. He just wants to get good at making superb videos.

A couple of weeks later, Victor is still releasing the best of videos at his level.

But the results are not what he hoped for. People don’t even seem to care.

‘What am I doing wrong and what do I need to change?’ He says.

He watches more of the videos from popular people making Comedy skits and starts making tweaks to their content. He also improves his video editing skill.

After four to five weeks, people start commenting and giving him credit. Things begin to move in the right direction.

Let’s keep improving, Victor says. Let’s work on getting more subscribers and more interaction with my channel.

Victor spends a month getting good at creating superb videos and getting more interaction with them.

After a while, Victor now focuses on building a list. No selling for now.

‘Let me just work on building a list and trying different schedules for mailing useful content. I’ll go out on the street and hand out flyers for my YouTube channel and get people to check it out. Why not? I have nothing to lose.’

After three months, Victor now has 1000 subscribers, a few hundred people on his email list who regularly open his emails and things are growing.

‘How do I monetize this channel?’ Victor says.

And on and on…

What do you think the result will be?

Victor is the guy with 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, his comedy crew, a huge email list, a vast range of sponsorships, and making $40,000 a month with a vast experience in list building, email marketing, video editing, product launch, comedy and so much more.

Our old friend, James, is still on Google looking for an easier way to make money online. And if he has not quit yet, he is on Twitter or Reddit moaning about how the world is full of fake gurus and nothing seems to work out.

If you’re in an Internet Marketing Business and you do not take Victor’s approach, you are not going to succeed.

The only secret you need to know is:

Massive energy tied to a single focus for a long period.

The funny thing is that NO ONE does this.

People try something for two weeks, give up and they move on to the next shiny object.

Others try it for two months and begin to wail if they don’t see results.

Two weeks or two months is not enough!

Internet Marketing is not like a regular job where you set up this, do this and that, and then boom, you’re making $1000 a day.

However, you can make $100k/year, or $10k/week in pretty much ANYTHING — making videos, doing a podcast, creating information products, eCommerce, affiliate marketing in any niche, consulting, anything.

The only way you can succeed here is to pick ONE THING and begin to focus on that thing for one full year of your life.

Give it your best shot and don’t aim to make money, aim to be the best at it.

Money follows value. The more value you can provide, the more money you will make.

Everyone who is a real success at this has done it.

It is near impossible to fail when you follow this route.

It’s me, Emmanuel Nwaka.

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